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Denise did her first haircut looking out from
the inside. Patricia her mother has been in industry before Denise was even born. It has always been sort of a joke….Denise was born with silver shears in her hand instead of a silver spoon. Her mother worked for other salons, until her children were not small anymore,she then opened her own salon. This salon was in Bridgeport.She named it Shear Renaissance. Denise came on board to work with her mother for the last three years her mother had the salon in Bridgeport. Patricia had the salon for nine years,before moving to Chicago for two yrs. Her mother then moved back to Pa. and opened Shear Renaissance in Strasburg. Denise worked with her mother again in Strasburg for 20 years.Then the shop was moved to 103 Duncan Street Lancaster,and her mother had the shop for 9 years.2020 Denise came back and took the salon over. She had left her mother’s salon for three years. This is where DC Hair Studio starts.It is true that what they say things always come full circle.Denise`s children grew up and now she opened her salon,like her mother. Also when her mother started in the industry toners were very popular,they sort of went out of use, now we use them all the time again…..just some hair trivia.


About Denise Cantey

About Denise
When I am not at work, I love adventure! My motto has always been I will sleep when I am dead!! I love Fitness I have been into fitness since I was a kid. I rode a horse all of my life as a kid. I trained everyday, 3 day eventing, for those of you that is horse lingo for olympic style riding. Growing up on a farm gave me very diversified opportunities.I rode a dirt bike and four wheelers. When there was snow we rode snowmobiles and if there was no snow we went to Olde Forge N.Y. to play. I traded the horses in for a Harley, I have been on a street bike for 23 years. I love hiking and the outdoors. I have been a personal trainer for 25 yrs, this is more of a hobbie, my true passion is my career…..it is not a job, it is me. But we all know as life progresses on we find other things we love,being a mother and now a grandmother are my greatest accomplishments!!!


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Great atmosphere at DC hair studio. Denise always knows exactly what I need done, and I leave feeling confident and Stylish every time. 


DC hair studio creative talent, very artistic In cuts and colors. I have been every color under the Sun and Denise always knows how to make that color look perfect! If you want something different designed for you, DC hair studio is the place to go!


DC hair studio is the best! I am a tough customer I am very fussy about the condition of my hair and the color of my hair. Denise is a top colourist and stylist I left feeling her Studio, like a million bucks! 5 stars all the way!
Melissa Goodin Lucier


Denise has been creating my hair designs for many years.I always leave feeling like a million bucks.DC Hair studio stays up on the latest trends . 


I am not a person to fuss with my hair. DC Hair Studio creates a simple and low maitenance,but yet trendy style for me to manage. They also do my childrens hair and my husband. A very well rounded hair studio.


High energy salon! I like to change it up.Thats why DC Hair Studio is  the place to go…they stay on top of the latest styles,and even when I dont know what I want they always seem to figure it out for me!